Sunday, September 29, 2013

Training Report: Race Week

Pyramid Rock - Gallup, NM

This week was a taper week leading up to the Squash Blossom 1/2 Marathon trail run. We ran a 6 mile mountain run that took us to 8077 feet on the Hilso Trail system in McGaffey, NM. I felt really good and we had an average pace of 9:50. Bri was feeling some weakness in her legs, but finished strong. We also did a few shorter runs and a hill run on Wednesday. Running to the top of Pyramid Rock was tough. The uphill was killer. To make things even tougher, we got a little lost on the way back down and had to plow through scrub brush where there was no trail. Not the most enjoyable thing, but Matt thought it was an adventure. The short runs were just to keep us moving and to help us be ready for the Squash Blossom. We didn't want to over do it before the race.

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