Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brooks Cascadia 7 Review

Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing the Brooks Cascadia 7. I've only logged 4 miles so far, so it's a little too early to tell, but I found them to be light and comfortable. I normally run in Salomon XR Mission trail shoes which are great, but they are wearing out so, I'm looking for a new shoe.  The Cascadias weigh in right around 12 oz (I'm a size 9.5 US) and the Missions weigh about 11.5 oz, so there isn't much difference in weight. The Missions have a 10mm  drop (20mm heal and 10mm toe) and the Cascadias have a 12mm drop (22mm heal and 10 mm toe). The 2mm difference was not noticeable on the first run and I don't think I will notice it.  The first run in the Cascadias was on a rocky dirt road, so they haven't made the trail yet. I'll be running the trail later this week so I should have some more to say after that.  -Matt

Update: I have put another 25 miles on the shoes now and love them so far. Just ran a half marathon trail run and didn't have any problems. No blisters or hot spots. I did have some problems with the laces coming untied during some training runs, but a good double knot has fixed the problem.  I do have to say that I like the Salomon lace systems better and may "upgrade" the laces at a later date.

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