Sunday, March 23, 2014

Backpackers Pantry: Pad Thai

Field Test

Today we field tested Backpackers Pantry: Pad Thai. Preparation was as easy as expected from a "just add water" type of prepared meal. After removing the package of peanuts, and the silicone packet, we added boiling water and the included small package of peanut butter. Preparing it at 8,500 feet required a "let sit" time of around 23 minutes.  The package reports two (2) 13oz servings. We split it about 50/50 and were surprised at how big the servings were. I'm not sure I could have finished the whole bag if I were by myself. The first few bites for both of us were kind of bland, but it ended up being rather good. Some pluses were that it is a vegan meal, gluten free, tastes a lot like pad thai, and has large portions. Some criticisms are that there is a lot of packaging, so a lot of garbage to pack out. Also the packaging adds some weight to the meal. Overall, I would definitely buy this product again.

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